Company Name Nippon Sight Corporation
Head Office 3-228 Shiroi, Shiroi City, Chiba Prefecture, Japan 270-1421
Phone: +81-47-401-8500 / Fax: +81-47-401-8517
E-mail: saito@nipponsight.com
Shiroi Research and Development Center 3-228 Shiroi, Shiroi City, Chiba Prefecture, Japan
Kawasaki Trade processing Center 2-17 Higashiogishima, Kawasaki-ku, Kawasaki City, Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan
Established November 11, 2004
Registered January 11, 2005
Paid-in Capital JPY 10,000,000
President Shinichi Saito
Main Bank Mitsubishi UFJ Bank, Joyo Bank, Chiba Bank and others
Main Products Chip Jams + Soft Chip Jams
Nuggets (improved Fruit Chips for long shelf life goods)
Topping Chips

Wild Blue (blueberry puree for adding natural blueberry color)
Infused Dried Wild Blueberries
Major Customer Baked goods producers, bakery operations, food wholesalers
Internet retailers:

Tomizawa (→click here!!
Kyoritsu Foods (→click here!!
Crown Foods  (→click here!!
mamapan (→click here!!
kikuya (→click here!!
Petit pas (→click here!!
Alnaturia (→click here!!

Export China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Korea, Singapore, Pilippines, Thai, Viet Nam, Indonesia, Malaysia, Russia and others


2004 Established by Shinichi Saito to market Wild Blue blueberry puree
2005 Registered as Nippon Sight Corporation
2006 Launched Chip Jams
2008 Launched Chip Jams and
100% additive-free Infused Dried Wild Blueberries
Launched exports to Hong Kong and Taiwan
2009 Exhibited at Osaka MOBAC Show
Exhibited at Shanghai Bakery Show
Exhibited at Guangzhou Trade Fair
Exhibited at Seoul Bakery Show (SIBA)
Tokushin Corporation established in Harbin, China
2010 Exhibited at Foodex Japan
Exhibited at Shanghai Bakery Show
Exhibited at Chengdu Bakery Show
2011 Exhibited at Tokyo MOBAC Show
Exhibited at Guangzhou Bakery Show
2012 Exhibited at Foodex Japan
Launched Nuggets
2013 Exhibited at Osaka MOBAC Show
2014 Development office established
Exhibited at SIAL Manila exhibition by recommendation of JETRO.
2015 Exhibited at Tokyo MOBAC Show
The second seminar in Taiwan. In Taipei and Taichung.
2016 Launched "Gradations".
Established Shiroi Research and Development Center.
Visited and investigated Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg.
2017 Launched "Topping Chips".
Established Factory at Shiroi.
2018 Exhibited at "Dessert and Sweets Exhibition".
2019 "Mebuki" Food Business Meeting
Exhibited at "Tokyo MOBAC Show"
Launched Soft Chip Jams
Visit to Sial Jakarta
Halal certification acquired
2020 Head Office moved to Shiroi Research and Development Center.
   Second warehouse completed
   Completed widening and reinforcement work for disaster countermeasures
   Review of each division of corona countermeasure business
   Significant improvement in production efficiency
   Enhancement of employee leave system
   Increased to 152 days from 128 days in the previous year
2021 January: Launch of improved gradation version
April: Exhibited at FABEX